About Us

We are a boutique enterprise that have adopted the spacious, serene and peaceful atmosphere of Ovabükü bay, located at Datça Mesudiye Village, at the south Mediterranean coast of Datça Peninsula. As a family enterprise, we have been hosting our guests at the seafront, in between sweet smelling gardens of Ovabükü, since 2004.

Apart from the open buffet organic breakfast, you can enjoy the hot, cold or alcoholic bevereges along delicious meals,by a clear blue sea and among beautiful nature, all day long. Our Restaurant is very serious about the hygene and taste of the meals.
Our large organic vegetable garden will add healthy tastes to your holiday pleasure.

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You can relax by performing Yoga and Pilates facing Ovabükü bay in fresh air, at our special Yoga and Pilates saloon. The spacious  saloon is built with all natural materials on a wooden platform at the beach, and is available every hour of the day. If you wish you can also have long walks among nature or attent other activities around.

We would be happy to host you at this magical atmosphere for your most special memories like marriage and engagement ceremonies, birthday and other celebrations, anniversaries or special events.