There are many interesting places around Melinda. Here are some of them:

The long Ovabükü bay faces directly south to the Mediterranean and is one of the most beautiful bays of the world. At 2010, The Guardian has chosen Ovabükü as the best coast of Turkey. Our pension Melinda is just next to the Ovabükü beach. The sea is just clear, blue and there are no ships around.
Hayıtbükü is another great bay just 1 km away from Ovabükü. Sea is shallow, bay is narrow, water is clear like a natural swimming pool, beach sandy. Therefore, it is very suitable for kids.
Adatepe ve Trekking
Adatepe (island hill) divides Ovabükü from Hayıtbükü and its height is approximately 300 mt. It's perfect for trekking as you can catch marvellous views of Ovabükü and Greek Islands at Mediterranean. You can also see the remainings of an old castle and various endemic plants.
Aquarium Bay
Aquarium bay is the first bay on the way from Ovabükü to Palamutbükü. Its a small bay with no houses around. The sea is crystal clear. It's a perfect place for diving and swimming with goggles.
Palamutbükü is another bay with the longest beach at Datça Peninsula. It's approximately 9 kms away from Ovabükü. There are restaurants and pensions along the beach and also one small port. You can visit Palamutbükü for swimming preferably at weekdays when it is less crowded.
Knidos Ancient City
Knidos ancient city is at the very end of the Datça Peninsula where two seas, Aegean and Mediterranean meets. It was an ancient Greek city of Caria, part of the Dorian Hexapolis. There is a museum, restaurant and the remainings of the ancient city where you can spend a whole day to explore.
Pigs Bay (Domuz Çukuru)
This bay is another great place and can only be reached by a boat as there is no road. It is approximately 5 kms away from Hayıtbükü, where you can rent a boat to visit Pigs Bay to swim, sunbathe and to enjoy nature where there are no or very few people around.
Boat Trips
From Hayıtbükü, you can take daily boat trips to either Knidos or Datça with İlayda-2 boat or you can rent your own boat named İlayda-3 and enjoy a marvellous trip with captain İzzet.
Old Datça
Old Datça is the original place where Datça town was first settled around 4000 B.C. Today, it is a district of Datça. There are historic stone buildings like beautiful houses, a mosque, cafes, restaurants and bars. You can buy silk and ceramic handcrafts. Famous Turkish poet Can Yücel had also lived in Old Datça.
Datça Detay Internet Site
A retired teacher named Muzaffer Özgen is a real Datça lover. He travels all around the peninsula and explores every single point. You can find great photographs and articles in his site The content of the site is Turkish only.