We have sunbeds, beach umbrellas and open shower at the seaside. Apart from our pension guests, we welcome daily guests too. For daily guests, there is a closed shower and changing cubicle.

You can connect to the wifi even from the beach, and while reading a book, you can drink your beer right at your sunbed thanks to our hardworking staff serving at the beach area too.

The sea at Ovabükü is gizzard and gets deep very soon. This makes the sea always crystal clear. You can hardly see a boat in the bay since there is no port.

Some photos of Ovabükü beach taken exactly from Melinda Pension, in 2019:

The sea in the nights is a different story. You can swim every night at summer times. When there is no moonlight you can see the bioluminescence while swimming and watch the stars and the Milkyway. When there is moonlight, you can see the bottom of the sea while swimming.